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RAD COmmunication Mazagines

Ghana's Public Sector Magazine is Africa’s first one stop news and reports, emphasizing insight, analysis, context and debate, reviews, interviews covering government Ministry Departments, Agency’s on their new development, impact and growth on the general citizenry. GPS covers featured stories both online and offline, on Top Government Leaders which becomes informative and directive for readers.

Women In STEM

Numerical underrepresentation and negative stereotypes contribute to negative environments for women in STEM. Negative gender-based experiences, such as sexual harassment, are more likely to occur in male-dominated settings like the sciences (e.g., Antecol & Cobb-Clark, 2001; Willness, Steel, & Lee, 2007) and men are far more likely to direct sex-based mistreatment toward women in male-dominated careers (e.g., science) as a means of penalizing them for violating gender-role norms and stereotypes (Dovidio, Major, & Crocker, 2000).